See What Our Customers Say about Realtrac Software

Realtrac Car Guy No Words

“Since the implementation of Realtrac, we have seen a decrease in production times, we have seen a decrease in delivery times and we have also seen a rise in profits.”

Ed Brown
Plant Manager / Sidley Diamond Tool

“To be successful in manufacturing, you really need an excellent job cost system, which Realtrac has provided for us.”

Wally Bugajski
General Manager / Michigan CNC Tool, Inc.

“Realtrac has been a significant part of the reason we have been able to grow. The customer support that we have received over the years has been excellent.”

Paul Derleth
President / East Side Machine

“We had a pretty quick return (ROI)—the improvement in our job planning, cost analysis, and floor operations meant that within a matter of months the software paid for itself.”

Helen Johnson
Founder / Alliance Broach & Tool

“All of our management team has immediate access to all the information they need all the time.We don’t even sweat quality audits such as the API Q1 or the ISO9001 or the IS0/TS 29001; all the information and documentation is in Realtrac.”

Stephen Broussard
Owner / Unique Manufacturing

“The easy setup and the easy-to-use interface allowed us to start using the software right away. We immediately saw an improvement in our costing process and in tracking our production. With as fast as we are growing, Realtrac made a big contribution to our processes and our profits right away.”

Dave Jacoby
Owner / Jacoby Custom Cues

“Realtrac has taken a ton of stress out of my days—and nights and weekends. Everything is there, where I need it, when I need it with just a few clicks.”

Jeff Piaskowski
Production Manager / Talsco Aerospace Manufacturing

About Our Software

Customers have called Rightboard a “game changer.”

Rightboard, our recently released scheduling and machine loading tool, is a powerful visual electronic whiteboard. It dramatically increases workflow, maximizing efficiency, ensuring on-time deliveries, and improving production costs.

  • Allows shops to schedule and organize work electronically by machine, showing what jobs to run and in what order.
  • Helps employees keep the shop running smoothly from job-to-job throughout the day.
  • Saves valuable machine and labor time to maximize productivity and work center use.

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Real Results, Real Efficiency, Real Fast

Realtrac’s Shop Management System is easy to learn and use, and it boasts the lowest total cost of use on the market. With a quickstart implementation, Realtrac software is offering real results in just a few days, as compared to weeks or months for other similar solutions.