Winning The Business Race

Winning The

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Easy is Quick,

Manufacture a Quality Product, On Time, Every Time

Manufacture a Quality Product,

Winning The Business Race

Winning The
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Analyze labor, workstation and overhead costs and prices, confirming costs and pricing. These worksheets will enable you to analyze your machine hard and soft cost and understand the factors with the greatest impact on your machine costs. Using this worksheet will allow you to quote more effectively and have more confidence in your understanding of the production costs in your business.

A Problem I need to solve is

  1. Late deliveries
  2. Job rework due to missing files, drawing and poor communications.
  3. Can’t keep track of what is happening with all the jobs.
  4. Losing money on jobs.
  5. Not knowing whether I am making or losing money on jobs.
  6. Missing opportunities for savings using bulk purchasing.
  7. Customer demanding we get ISO certified.
  8. Can’t find items we thought we had on hand due to disorganization.
  9. Keeping our machinists on track.
  10. Our schedule is out of control.

Let our knowledge, skill and experience give your business the competitive tune-up it needs to outlap the competition. Watch our Video overview to learn more about what REALTRAC can do for you.

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