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Realtrac 10

Announcing Realtrac 10

Win the business race today with REALTRAC Performance ERP! Shift into high gear! REALTRAC Version 10 takes the pole, March 2014.

With much excitement and anticipation REALTRAC announces the full public release of Version 10 "Next Generation" Performance ERP. The NEW, completely integrated, state of the art ERP system allows for a quick transition offering more speed with greater functionality and flexibility.

Available March 2014.

Realtrac Garage Cloud Backup

Everyone has a local backup. But not everyone has remote backups. A local backup is great, until your facility has a catastrophic incident that destroys all of your hardware, backups included. What happens then? Without a backup from a remote location, you're stuck starting at square one. What jobs were on the floor? What jobs have you billed for? Having a remote backup that is up to date is priceless in a situation like this. Your road to recovery will be hard, but it will be nearly impossible without the data you need to put the pieces back together. For about a $1.00 a day your company can be protected! Can you even think of a better investment?

Additional Information: Information Sheet (PDF) FAQ (PDF)

QuickBooks™ & Sage 50™ integrated

For 25 years, job shop manufacturers have depended on Realtrac software for real-time shop floor control - today for totally integrated real-time ERP.

Your real-time window to the shop floor!

Because of Realtrac’s intuitive shop floor perspective, you will know instantly a job’s cost, where it is, and when it will be finished. Work-in-process screens and reports provide up-to-the-second history of jobs to evaluate costs vs. estimates, profitability and on-time delivery.

Improved decision making and quality reporting.

Using touch screen PC's, wired and wireless bar code readers, tablets and mobile phones for data collection, shop personnel can view real-time dispatch lists of all jobs queued at and soon to arrive at a work center, with the priority for each job displayed in terms of how far it is behind or ahead of schedule. Detailed setup specifications and standards can be viewed, including pictures, drawings and sound tracks.

Managers can receive immediate feedback from shop personnel concerning what is actually happening during setup and run operations, including non-conformance quality reporting.

Start using Realtrac immediately.

An intuitive and powerful system design makes Realtrac exceptionally easy to implement and use. Our unique Quick Start program gets you up and running upon delivery - including initial setup of your company data and installation assistance. Classroom and on-site training are available through local regional offices.

For more information, call us today at (734) 793-3811 or click here to request a multimedia Product Overview, Guided Tour and Prices.


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