manage employee permission and more in one central location


The Realtrac Employee Group is an all in one inclusive tool to help manage many of your HR needs. In addition to the wealth of centralized data at your fingertips, you can manage time & attendance, approve timecards, assign authority levels to employee and management roles and more.

Employee Management Group

Within the Employee Group, there are multiple levels of security in which the system administrator determines who has access to a specific amount of your employee data. Assigning employees roles within the company is very important and certain features of the program can be enabled or disabled.

Specific employee permissions settings are also controlled within this group and impact features across many of the modules. For example, if a user has the “see cost information” option disabled, they will not be able to see costing information in Jobs, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Inventory, etc…

Level II

Features contact information about our employees, including: shift start and end times, roles and groups designations as well as employee contact and emergency contact information

Level III

Level III is broken out into two divisions: Calendars and Documents. Within the calendars tab, information on the employee’s PTO allotment, along with the employees history. Supervisors are able to manage and approve employee PTO requests

The Documents tab is designed to be a location to save all of an employees sensitive documentation, such as: certifications and disciplinary notices. Supervisors are able to simply drag and drop documents to specific folders within the employees digital file.

Level IV

The level IV contains the highest data sensitive information. It is used to keep salary and overtime rates, hire and termination dates and additional employee specific sensitive documents.

Level IV also includes the Timecard Approval tab providing a means to specify and retain hours approved by management for the purposes of payroll

Employee Management Group
Employee Management Group Level IV
Employee Management Group Calendar