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Realtrac Time & Attendance is an optional functionality that can be enabled and is used to capture the total hours an employee is at work, not just the time they are working on operations.

Time and Attendance

The Realtrac Time and Attendance feature attempts to mimic the basic functionality of a time clock system common in many shop environments. An employee can simply punch in at the beginning of the shift and punch out at the end of the shift right from the shop floor interface or the employee piece count panel.

Once enabled, there are 2 ways that Timecard data is created. First, before your shop floor employees are able to log in to router operations, they will be asked to log in to the Timecard system. Secondly, if you have employees that don’t necessarily log in to Realtrac to track their time and work in real time, Realtrac provides a method to manually create Timecard entries for your employees.

Realtrac will report on the raw timecard data.

However, if a Realtrac user wants an additional level of checks and balances in their time reporting, they can choose to use the Realtrac timecard approval process as well. This process involves a mix of automatic approvals and manual review.

If a site decides to implement manual review and approvals of Timecard data, they can also set up Supervisor and Group relationships. When a Supervisor is defined, that Supervisor is then able to view and approve the Timecard data for their employees.

Employee efficiency data is just as important as collected raw time.

The Timecard vs Work Session interface is a way to look at combined Timecard and Work Session data for multiple employees in a simple interface.  The main goal of this tool is to examine how many hours your employees are in your facility (“on the clock”) compared to how much of that time they are spending on revenue generating operations, overhead and lost time.

Time and Attendance Editor
Time and Attandance