After you win the job, the real work begins


For many, the process of collecting information on scheduled jobs, trying to organize required materials, and quickly and easily order that material is a dreaded, time-consuming task. Let us simplify it for you!

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

  • Realtrac’s Material Resource Planning (MRP) function can improve this process without creating more work. Simply continue to create purchase orders, receive products, and pay for them as usual, while our integrated system keeps track of that material for you.
  • As part of our Purchasing and Inventory module, the MRP feature lets you plan your purchases—not only for new jobs, but also for estimates within the system. With a few mouse clicks, you can answer the question: “What will I need to buy if I win those estimates?”
  • Realtrac can tell you what you need to buy, what you have in inventory, and the prices you’ve paid recently for the required goods and services, along with any quality issues you’ve experienced with the material and vendors.

Now, where did I use that material?…

The other side of the MRP coin is knowing where the materials you purchased ended up. Imagine a customer who has experienced a failure in a part you produced for them. You ask the customer to return the part for analysis and discover that the vendor supplied faulty steel.

How can you tell which jobs and parts used that same lot of steel? With the flexibility of Realtrac, there are several ways to easily obtain a report on all the parts, jobs, and customers that may be impacted, eliminating the need to go to an outside source or contact customers/vendors, unless you so choose.

That’s the beauty of an integrated system—having purchasing, inventory, and material tracking in one centralized location puts the power in your hands.

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