Simplify the routing process


Realtrac ERP software puts you in control of every stage in the manufacturing process. The Job Router allows you to define each operation you want to track, along with the estimated time in hours or minutes. The actual time and status for each operation are continuously updated through our real-time data collection system.


The printed shop floor router (Traveler) follows the job and includes all pertinent information. Bar codes are included for accurate and easy real-time data collection.

Several versions of the Router may also be customized, depending on the desired layout and detail.

  • The electronic router contains an unlimited number of lines, which may include descriptive information called Specs
  • Select a printed Router with Specs in one continuous document.
  • Each router line can be used to link pictures and documents such as CAD files to specific operations. You can also apply certain scheduling options to these operations.

Update customers with real-time information

From beginning to end, you can track every detail of a job, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks. And, when customers ask about the status of a job, you can provide accurate information at any stage in the manufacturing process.

Routing Job Entry Form
Routing Estimate Entry Form