Realtrac open job status


Track the status of an operation by marking it Closed, QueuedActive, Queued, Pending, and Distant.

Open Job Status

This screen provides a real-time status of a job’s operations. You can monitor the job’s progress on the shop floor and compare estimated versus actual hours for each operation. The status of an operation is marked by Closed, QueuedActive, Queued, Pending, and Distant. A closed operation is a completed operation, there is no more work to be done on it. A QueuedActive operation is currently logged on (check the Shop Floor status interface to confirm). A queued operation is ready and waiting to be logged into. A pending operation is waiting for a queued operation to be completed. A distant operation is any operation that comes after the pending. 

Using this screen you can manually change the status of any operation with the queue, dequeue, close, and reopen buttons. A duplication of this screen can be viewed from the Jobs module. 

Job Queue Status