Profitable jobs begin with accurate, efficient estimates


At Realtrac, we understand the challenge of finding the “sweet spot” when quoting jobs—too low and you’re breaking even or taking a loss; too high and you’re losing customers to competitors. Precision is important, but so is speed in a competitive environment. Our estimating software gives you the ability to quickly and accurately estimate labor, material, and outside services.


Use Realtrac Manufacturing Software to:

  • Efficiently create a job from an estimate.
  • Easily retrieve and duplicate previous estimates—great for rush jobs!
  • Print quotes for up to 10 quantities.
  • Quote multiple items on a single estimate.
  • Analyze estimates with summary reports to make improvements.

Get to the “heart” of successful estimates and increase productivity

How will a job impact key work centers? Because creating a new estimate is almost identical to creating a new manufacturing job, the “heart” of an estimate is the process plan or router. By using a process plan approach, the Sales and Engineering departments can take advantage of actual manufacturing experience when quoting costs for a new part or repeat order. Estimates created from a manufacturing viewpoint can easily determine how key work centers will be affected and identify possible shop bottlenecks, allowing you to increase productivity.

Boost customer satisfaction and profitability

By putting information at your fingertips, Realtrac’s easy-to-use software can help you respond to customers with quicker, more accurate quotes, increase efficiency, bolster sales by tracking and reviewing estimates, and win more jobs!

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