order processing
made easy


Whether you are duplicating a previous job, converting an estimate to a job, or creating a job from scratch, our software makes order processing a snap—eliminating repetitive and needless tasks.

Job Order

From the Job Order Entry Screen, you can:

  • Enter new jobs.
  • Review and modify existing jobs.
  • Designate a shipment schedule for jobs with multiple delivery times.
  • Retrieve jobs quickly by description, part number, drawing number, PO, customer code, reference number, or job number.
  • Duplicate a job for assistance in preparing a new shop order.

Increase efficiency and accuracy …

Our software provides a separate Sales Order function, which can be used to handle multiple manufacturing orders to be billed under a single invoice, as well as items to be sold from inventory and invoicing for services that require lengthy descriptions.

In addition, the Start Date for a job is calculated by the system based on estimated time, shop capacity, and due date. As parts are completed and shipped, the Job Part inventory is automatically updated.

Job Entry Form
Job Order Entry