The Piece Count Panel is designed to be your shop floor employee’s sole digital interface for everything they need to do their job precisely, on time and in an a highly documented, auditable fashion. The Piece Count Panel can be used in combination with shop floor clients or can be utilized as your independent data collection source.

Employee Piece Count Panel

Use Employee Piece Count Panel to:

  • Give employee control to tailor their display to show the work-stations they are responsible for, and operations are automatically queued for the employee. 
  • Show queued operations by the due date of the jobs, so work is completed in a timely manner. 
  • Eliminate guessing about which operation to work on next.

The Piece Count Panel makes it easy to keep track of the production of both good and scrap parts.

The buttons have been designed to be touch screen friendly, even if your employees wear gloves or other protective equipment. Right from the Panel, users are able to pull up blueprints and drawings associated with the operations they are logged in to. In addition, they can access the Spec information on the router, and add their own comments back to the router. All without leaving their assigned work location.

The Piece Count Panel also acts as the personal time clock for each of your employees.

Employees are able to punch in and out of the Realtrac Time Card system by simply touching the screen. In addition, employees are able to actually see their own Time Cards, and if their manager has approved their time, they can even see their approved time and expected payroll hours! Even better, your employees can actually request time off right from their personal Piece Count Panel, and users in the office can approve or deny the request. All electronically, all with the Piece Count Panel.

Employee Piece Count Panel View
Employee Piece Count Panel Time Clock