Realtrac is proud to announce the availability of the new Realtrac Reporting Module.

Realtrac Reporting Module

We set out to write a modern, easy-to-use reporting system utilizing the latest technologies. The Realtrac team drew inspiration from our customers, along with world class reporting systems across Windows applications, web applications and even tablet and mobile technologies.

We wanted to take the best of everything and combine it in to one definitive feature. Our new system puts the ability to deep dive into the data and create custom reports into your hands. It also features advanced reporting grids, dashboards that can be personalized, charts that offer insights in real-time, and our unique Realtrac Insights feature that focuses in on key parts of your business.

Here is the list of new features, fixes, and upgrades. 

  • Brand new Reporting System allowing users to easily customize reports to their liking. 
  • Data mining system allows users to click on fields and see the “data behind the data”. No need to run another report to understand how a number is calculated. 
  • 30% speed improvements when using Material Usage, Purchase Orders and several other functions in the system. 
  • Drag and Drop entire folders on to the File Strip. 
  • Automatic reconnect of clients if network connection drops and comes back up. 
  • Users can now explicitly set the Quantity to Manufacture at the Estimate/Quote stage (in addition to the existing Quantity Ordered). 
  • Added support for Sage 50 2022.

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