Why Does Realtrac Beat the Competition?

A modern shop management system is one of the most important business tools any manufacturer can have. If you’ve never used this kind of technology before, you may find it difficult to believe that it could become so important to your business. But you do know that it’s essential to seek out the best tools to give your business a competitive edge.

Save Money

With an effective shop management system, users don’t have to hunt down information. With a central database, information is much easier to get your hands on. Your organization can save money by eliminating the need for users to be trained on more than one system. This not only lowers the amount of time and money spent on training, but it also reduces the logistical effort involved. Instead of scheduling training sessions with different vendors, you only need to communicate with one.

Access Better Analytics

A central database of information helps improve your analytics and reporting. Your shop management software should make it easier and faster for your team to generate useful reports. Analytics that could take days to research and compile without this technology, takes just minutes. The Realtrac Shop Management Software provides a customizable dashboard so executives can see reports when they first log into the system. These dashboards may include everything from income and expense reports to custom KPIs that offer insight into specialized areas of your business. The ability to have access to these reports quickly enables your team to make better decisions in real time.

Increase Productivity

Without technology, tedious tasks are unavoidable. Generating reports, monitoring inventory levels, timesheet tracking and order processing can take employees hours to accomplish. These processes can also lower employee morale and expose your business to human error. If you choose the right shop management tool, you can automate your most mundane tasks. This frees up time for your team members to execute more meaningful work that helps to increase your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Monitor Inventory

Tracking and monitoring expanding inventory levels is a major challenge for growing companies. Shop management software utilizes barcoding, RFID tags and serial numbers to keep tabs on your inventory at every stage during the supply chain. These tools help you keep track of inventory levels—which items are in transportation, and how many are still on the shelves. The increased warehouse visibility removes guesswork and optimizes the pick, pack, and ship processes. Users can configure custom KPIs to see which products move the fastest and which increase carrying costs. With an effective shop management system, warehouse managers can get real-time data on their inventory to make more accurate business decisions.

Improve Production Planning and Resource Management

Quality shop management tools provide insight into all manufacturing operations. This helps users to optimize production schedules, equipment, and labor, maximizing production capacity and efficiency. Some tools also manage your Bill of Materials (BOM) and fixed assets. With these systems, users can easily create and edit BOMs as well as keeping track of all previous changes. Fixed asset management allows users to schedule equipment maintenance to reduce unexpected downtime, improving your profitability and supply chain relationships.

Why Does Realtrac Beats the Competition?

At Realtrac, the most important differentiator that makes our Shop Management Software better than our competitors is SIMPLICITY. Other systems can be very cumbersome, forcing users to spend much more time navigating the platforms. With Realtrac, all things necessary are within the same page file. Our implementation process takes days, not months. Most of our customers are fully operational in 4–6 weeks compared to 4–6 months on competitors’ products. This gives us the “Lowest Total Cost of Use” system on the market today.

The cost of any software can be nominal compared to the cost of implementing it, due to lost employee time, training, and other business interruptions. Though our system doesn’t require a full-time employee to run it, we do offer personalized, one-on-one customer service and training. All our customers are assigned a technician and trainer, so nobody gets lost in the crowd. Most of our competitors promise a response to service requests within 24 hours. We respond within an hour, providing our clients exceptional customer service and support.

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